Vision & Mission


As Giants, we will:

  • Live by our Core Values.
  • Cultivate our curiosity as learners.
  • Make a difference as global citizens.


EAC is an inclusive, multicultural community. We provide the highest quality international education within an environment of extraordinary care.

We Grow as Giants

Core Values

  • Caring (I show care and compassion for others and myself)
  • Balanced (I strive to be balanced in my life and encourage others to do the same)
  • Open-Minded (I appreciate the differences in people and perspectives)
  • Principled (I am honest and do what is right)

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

EAC embodies inclusion and diversity. As a community, we embrace the truth that diversity enriches us as individuals and as a community. Diversity includes recognizing individual differences in relation to cultural backgrounds, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. The multiplicity of backgrounds and perspectives within our community reflect the entire world. Thus, we work to ensure all of our members of our community are treated with dignity, are valued for who they are, and share a sense of belonging.

As a result of our mission and vision, students will have the opportunity to grow as Giants, build their own pathway in life, in whatever direction they choose.

Together, we grow as Giants!